Ace of Spades on OS X

by Carson Reynolds

While Minecraft is the current champion of wonder-inducing and sandbox games, I do feel that Ace of Spades brings some new dimensions to the genre. Brute-force terraforming in order to trick players viewing the map makes an amazing game-within-a-game. Camouflaged bridges and visually salient decoys all make for an entertaining game.

So here I provide some rough notes for the process of running Ace of Spades 0.36 on Macintosh computers through Wine:

    1. Install macports. At present this requires downloading Xcode 3.2.6 first and then grabbing the macports installer. You can find instructions on the macports site.
    2. Open a terminal and install wine via macports with the following command. Beware that building wine is a lengthy process and took around 4~6 hours in my case.
    3. sudo port install wine
    4. Reconfigure wine to use a virtual desktop. The exact size seems to vary from system to system but 1024 x 768 seems to work on 2010 Macbook Airs and 800 x 600 works on 2007 Macbook Pros. You can accomplish this by running winecfg from the terminal. It may take some time to launch wine so be a little patient. When it does, click the graphics tab, select emulate a virtual desktop and set it to be 800×600 or 1024×768
    5. winecfg
    6. Download the Ace of Spades installer from Ben Aksoy’s site.
    7. Use wine to run the installer.
    8. wine msiexec /i ~/Downloads/aos036install.msi
    9. Once it is installed you can play AoS using the following command if you have a server address
    10. wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Ace\ of\ Spades/client.exe -aos://432934936
    11. You can find aos:// addresses over on the Ace of Spades server listing. Just control-click on one of the game names and copy its link address. Paste the link into the terminal for your wine command replacing PASTE_LINK_HERE in the example below:
    12. wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Ace\ of\ Spades/client.exe -PASTE_LINK_HERE

    It is a bit of lengthy process but is really worth all the mayhem and ingenuity happening in the AoS block worlds. Danger: for weekends and vacation time only.