2010 or MMX

by Carson Reynolds

There it is. Gazing in the mirrors on our shoes to see what pops
out. Hobnobbing with the hyper-colored 90s, 20 years later.

Standard Issue:

(1) The Radio Dept. [Clinging to a Scheme]
(2) Bikini [RIPJDS]
(3) Caribou [Swim]
(4) Deerhunter [Halcyon Digest]
(5) Small Black [New Chain]
(6) Crystal Castles [Crytstal Castles]
(7) Robyn [Body Talk]
(8) Sufjan Stevens [The Age of Adz]
(9) Baths [Cerulean]
(10) Konono Nº1 [Assume Crash Position]

Honorable Mention:

Everything Everything [Man Alive]
Halfby [The Island of Curiosity]
Kanye West [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
Optimo (Espacio) [fabric 52]
Love is All [Two Thousand and Ten Injuries]

Albums that I only really started listening to this year, but came out sometime before then:

John Cage [Sonatas and Interludes]
Neon Indian [Psychic Chasms]
Bitte Orca [Dirty Projectors]
Empire of the Sun [Walking on a Dream]
Benjamin Britten [Peter Grimes]

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