Reddit as a prize jury

by Carson Reynolds

One of the innumerable honors that academics bestow upon one another is the best paper prize. A particular aspect of this process I’ve always found irksome is the opacity or secrecy of the jury and award process. At typical conferences, a jury of organizers may choose to award a best paper by committee much as a group of editors might choose which article will be the front page headline.

This year I find myself in the position of organizing an academic workshop (entitled Devices that Alter Perception) which is attached with the ACM’s UbiComp 2008 conference. It occurred to me this is an opportunity to experiment with a new type of evaluation. In order to award the best paper prize (a $100 gift certificate to SparkFun Electronics) we will let the internet decide. More particularly, all of the workshop’s position papers have been uploaded to the Devices the Alter Perception (DAP) reddit for voting and commentary. Highest score == best paper.

Consider yourself welcome to comment and take part in our experiment in determining the best paper.

Edit: It was rightly pointed out that a paper receiving the most upvotes could still not be the highest scoring paper. So most upvotes == best paper has been struck in favor of highest score == best paper. Thanks redditors.