2007 ways from Sunday

by Carson Reynolds

This year was micro-gazing: little flecks of audio tug at your memory by way of the eardrums. Not sustained long enough to name the source. Only long enough to sublimate into scattering, pleasing tones.

Standard Issue:

(1) The Field [From Here We Go Sublime]
(2) Menomena [Friend and Foe]
(3) Justice [†]
(4) Damaik [Micalavera]
(5) Mathew Dear [Asa Breed]
(6) Amiina [Kurr]
(7) Gio Boratto [Chromophobia]
(8) Healamonster [Nine Tons of Blood]
(9) A Sunny Day In Glasgow [Scribble Mural Comic Journal]
(10) The Besnard Lakes [The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse]

Honorable Mention (Or: bands with single-word names):

Stars [In Our Bedroom After The War]
Battles [Mirrored]
Maps [We Can Create]
Feist [The Reminder]
Spoon [Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga]

Albums that I only really started listening to this year, but came out sometime before then:

Cut Copy [Fabriclive.29]
Mahogany [Conectivity!]
Girl Talk [Night Ripper]
Asobi Seksu [Citrus]
People Under the Stairs [Stepfather]