Six different ways to say "if"

by Carson Reynolds

The sound of this year is the dulcet pileup of languages, grammars, and intonations softened into harmonic composition.

Standard Issue:

(1) Beirut [The Gulag Orkestar]: Could either be the recording of a raucous wake or subdued gypsy street fight.
(2) J Dilla [Donuts]: The back story on this album alone is enough for a mention, even then the loops are brilliant.
(3) Ratatat [Classics]: Hairmetal as played by a Super Famicom.
(4) The Fiery Furnaces [Bitter Tea]: Periodically displays something resembling coherence before relapsing into orgies of studio engineering.
(5) Hot Chip [The Warning]: I keep thinking this is New Order forced at gun-point to make happy music.
(6) Nathan Fake [Drowning in a Sea of Love]: The requisite rural prodigy.
(7) White Flight [White Flight]: Induces a mood similar to eating breakfast after staying up all night.
(8) Oppenheimer [Oppenheimer]: Might as well be a fictional Pet Sounds re-issue from a non-existent Beach Boys’ synth-pop cover band.
(9) Okai [Dekonstruction of the Mind]: Neo-soul loops and a little De La positivity make me smile.
(10) Herbert [Scale]: A jazz album bent and syncopated into a house album.

Honorable Mention:

The Legends [Facts and Figures]
Basement Jaxx [Crazy Itch Radio]
Spank Rock [YoYoYoYoYo]
Dapayk [Giornata]
Mogwai [Mr. Beast]

Albums that I only really started listening to this year, but came out sometime before then:

Junior Senior [Hey Hey My My Yo Yo]
Erik Satie [Trois Gnossiennes]
Diplo [Fabriclive.24]
Takako Minekawa [Fun 9]
The Mountaineers [ Messy Century]