3 kanji, 2 earthquakes, and a raw egg later

by Carson Reynolds

It has already been one month since I made my way through customs and became a registered alien. Quite a bit has happaned in this small period of time (both internally and externally). I have a new name, or more specifically, a trans-literation of my name. I am now ka-son reinotsu. It turns out that very little business can be transacted in Japan without a hanko (or wooden stamp with familiy name). And so I found myself picking out kanji that I thought might convey the meaning of my self and my family. After consulting folks at the lab, I settled on (Rei) moutain (no) ‘s (tsu) city.

I have experienced two small earthquakes, which add an element of chance and unexpectedness to everyday life. Otherwise, much time was spent trying to come to grips with the infinite city. Kazue, a climber, has taken care to make sure that I get out and see what Japanese Bouldering is all about.

I live in Bunkyo-ku which apparently means literature city. This I find really funny (a sort of an inside joke) because for the moment I am functionally illterate.

Ten timezones away in Boston, the disk broke in arsenal.media.mit.edu, which used to host this blog. The machine has been a workhorse for me for 7 years and I find myself missing it almost like an old friend. In any case, life goes on … instead of using Subversion and centralized repository I have started using Mercurial to keep all my history and changes intact. And now my blog is migrating slowly to who knows where.