by Carson Reynolds

Over the last few weeks I’ve been simultanously doing a lot of things. A-number-one is writing drafts of my thesis, which is starting to get closer to something worthwhile. But I think that many loose ends remain and there is precious little time to tie them up. Secondly, I’ve been out to conferences in the Netherlands and Las Vegas. I quite enjoyed meeting Luciano Floridi and James Moor and hearing a number of good talks on the subject of Computer Ethics at the University of Twente. Vegas was interesting but really a good opportunity to catch up with Jack and Will and have a good meal or two. Whilst traveling about I read House of Leaves, The Kite Runner, Palm of Hand Stories, as well as Japanese in Mangaland. I’ve also begun working on Remembering The Kanji, A Japanese Reader, and A Design Warrior’s Guide to FPGAs (in preparation for a new project). Which brings me to the last thing I’ve been doing…which is preparing to move to Tokyo. All my possessions are either inside a backpack, in boxes on their way to Tokyo or my parent’s house, or at the good will.