Linux Distribution Sucks Rules Meter

by Carson Reynolds

So, today I was feeling generally pretty bored. For the last week or so Joëlle has been in town. We took a nice roadtrip to Montréal, which I’ve thought more than once about moving to. I quite like the town, which has a nice mixture of new-worldliness and francophone culture.

But anyway, so today I’m bored. I have for a long time admired the operating systems sucks rules meter. I also am quite amused by this linux distribution sucks rules meter. However, I found it to be a bit lacking in the options surveyed.

So today I hacked a script to screen scrape distrowatch and get a list of linux distribution. I then plugged them into a perl script used to generate these things, and presto, we have a more complete and recent linux distribtuon sucks rules meter.