Every street in LA

by Carson Reynolds

It seems sometimes that every street in LA has been used for the title of a movie, song, or lyric. Mulholland Drive, Sunset Blvd, Chinatown … things made familiar but not through location. Driving around in a rental car gave me scattered impressions that I had been to these places before. One quickly undermined by the vast unfamilar spaces in between the landmarks.

I flew in to present a paper at Adaptive Displays 2004. There I met Mike Zyda, who was involved in the development of America’s Army. I also had a heated but engaging discussion with Missy Cummungs about computer ethics. The experience reinforced the feeling that ethics should not just be promenaded about in front of admiring fans, but ought to take a stroll through some of the tougher, more skeptical folks as well.

Jussi and I met shortly thereafter and began a week’s worth of rushing around for SIGGRAPH. I took a field trip out to Fry’s to help Ross and Jussi find a better projector for their Last installation at e-tech. While there I found a great camera for the emotemail project: the Micro Innovations ic70c. I spent a good bit of time tooling on a Linux client for emotemail that uses this device. After a bit of trolling on the USB bus, I found out that you can use the icm532 driver to get video4linux support up and running.

Some of the more memorable bits from SIGGRAPH were the circulafloor and movie-in-shadow. Some of the less memorable bits involved fun parties at 6th and Alemeda and the Hotel Figueroa. Some Tex-Mex and In&Out Burger with Steven also let me suck up a little LA flavor. After all that, I’m back in Cambridge trying to face down my thesis proposal, which I now think should be more graphical.