by Carson Reynolds

It seems like the last few months I haven’t been in the same place for long. After returning from Thailand I went to Boston, then to Connemara in Ireland, then to Northern Ireland, then to Vienna, then to Colorado, then back to Boston. All the kind folks who tolerated my resulting forgetfulness and flightiness deserve thanks.

While living the vagabond life I finished a manga book called Vagabond, A Short History of Ethics, Vernon God Little, Understanding Comics, Soul Mountain, and The New York Trilogy. I started Introducing Ethics, Ethics for Adversaries, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and The Idiot. Concert-wise I finally caught up with Dizzee Rascal and The Streets.

In terms of climbing, I have been on a break since May. While in Vienna I climbed an artificial 40M 7+ on top rope. I felt tendinitis for quite a while afterwards. It’s fun to leap around like a monkey, but when it leaves your arms aching for many weeks it’s advisable to leave off for a bit.