by Carson Reynolds

Mousescope 0.2

* What is MouseScope?

MouseScope is a program that visualizes the pressure applied to the
PressureMouse. It reads each of the six sensors and plots an
“oscilloscope” of their sum.

* How do I install MouseScope?

First download from:

Next unzip into a directory of your choosing.

Included in is dotnetfx.exe, which installs the .NET
framework. Double-Click dotnetfx.exe, and follow through its
installation steps.

Connect the PressureMouse’s DB9 serial cable to a COM port of your
choosing and the standard cable to either a USB or PS2 port. This may
cause windows to prompt you for Logitech mouse drivers, which need to
be installed.

In the MouseScope directory is the MouseScope executable. Launch it
and select the COM port that is attached to the Pressuremouse. Next
click start. You should see the oscilloscope at this point.

* What in what framework / language is the program built?

MouseScope was written in C# and using visualization and signal
processing libraries developed by Rob Burke from the MindGames group
in Media Lab Europe.