Je ne comprends pas

by Carson Reynolds

Life has been so full that I haven’t posted in a tremendously long time. A month ago I traveled to the States with Joëlle and went to New Mexico. While I was there I visited the Santa Fe Insititue to satisfy a bit of curiosity. Outside of seeing my family, attending James’s wedding reception, and trying to catch up with friends, countless forgotten things transpired. Traveling about I finished Notes from Underground, The Life of Pi, and started Gödel’s Proof. I saw a few shows in the timeframe too: Themselves, Plastikman.

When I returned a new Shuttle XPC was waiting for me to assemble and start hacking. It’s all settled now, running Gentoo and the mm 2.6 Kernel series. Got distcc up and running between my laptop and server, which is reducing my rebuild times. I also moved my home directory out of a hacked-up rsync scheme into Subversion.

In the real world I’ve been taking French classes, and climbing a bit. Daryl flew in from London and has gotten stuck here for a little while. It’s good to catch up and find out what’s been going on with people in Seattle.