GSR Amplifier Schematic

by Carson Reynolds

As part of my work with the MindGames group at MLE I’m working on a wireless GSR sensor. I’ve found some interesting information online about the electrodermal response, but very few circuits designs.

The bluetooth implementation we are using is the BlueCore2. The chip has an integrated ADC which we intend to use to sample GSR. The A-to-D takes voltages ranging between 0-3V.

As a result I took a design in our group and made some preliminary modifications to allow it to work at those voltages. Because they seem to be scarce, I’ve uploaded the first take on the schematic diagram for your viewing pleasure.

Here is also the bill of meterials and a dxf file so that it can be imported into whatever CAD package you like.

This revision only swings a few hundred millivolts. A better version (which should be forthcoming) would use a ZCR250 as a voltage reference and have more gain.