Nothing Fits

by Carson Reynolds

So I’m sitting here in the lab, with my “Dissent Protects Democracy” sign affixed to my satchel with the safety pins I bought yesterday. Actually, I couldn’t find any saftey pins easily so I had to buy diaper pins which makes some sort of statement that I haven’t quite realized yet. I can’t really concentrate. I don’t think using force right now has been morally justified. At the same time I have a cousin on a warship in the gulf. In a different world I’m sure that my brother would be in Iraq right now.

I will join the protest this evening, but with mixed feelings. I support the troops there but I do not support their mission. I think that removing Saddam Hussein is a worthwhile goal, but I think our methods will set a dangerous precedent. I do not want a protracted war with many casualties but I’m worried that a short war will embolden the current administration to take a hawkish attitude toward North Korea, Iran, or (who knows?) France. Being an American in Europe I feel awkward but relatively safe. But I worry for the safety of people in New York, Paris, Kuwait, Boston, Isreal, and Baghdad.

But but but. I could intellectualize forever. I’m going to protest.