by Carson Reynolds

Yesterday I went down to see the war protest. At first I thought I’d just sort of watch but at some point I really felt like I shouldn’t just be an impartial observer. There was this bit of discomfort. I didn’t want to speak lest people hear my accent. Had I more foresight I would have put together a sign that said “American against Aggression” or something. Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about the warmonging focused on Iraq. I do however feel that a war in the current political environment and under the current rational is pretty disingenuous. As an American in Europe I feel very embarrassed by the current foreign policy and unilateral attitudes. I find myself constantly trying to explain that not all Americans support the war and the current policies. Traveling back and forth and seeing how the media in the States has more of “inevitable” attitude and the media here has a “avertable” attitude is very enlightening. At the end of the day it felt really good to participate in even the smallest manner in what is supposed to have been the largest peaceful protest in Irish history.