Photographic Memory

by Carson Reynolds

In the spirit of breaking old habits I thought while home in Colorado for the holidays I’d collect some family pictures. People often comment that it’s odd I’ve no pictures of the people that are most important to me in life. While I’m not going to start taking pictures like a rabid dog bites, I thought it would at least be good to get some pictures other people have taken.

And so I asked my mom for some pictures. She dug up some pictures taken at a party in Colorado when I was pretty young in what must have been the early 80s. These included a good one of my folks and me, the least flattering picture of my brother in existence, and a nice shot of my dad. She also turned up a picture at my uncle’s highschool graduation from 1971 of herself along with aforementioned uncle, my granddad, and great-grandmother. Apparently that same uncle snapped a picture in 1998 of myself and my girlfriend at the time, Susan, just before thanksgiving dinner. There was also picture of me, myself, and I from 1995 before my senior prom, without my date (it’s a long story). Lastly, she gave me a picture of my Dad and me this year in Ireland.