by Carson Reynolds

I submitted my second portion of my general exam on Halloween. The short essays, written in 24 hours deal with the history of dynamics and the intersection between dynamic and adaptive systems. As you’d probably expect, stuff written in 24-hours isn’t particularly brilliant.

After I submitted my exam I wandered out to dinner with some folks. On the way out of the lab I couldn’t help but notice the 20 foot bonfire burning in a vacant lot nearby. One of my dinner companions was so struck by the sight that he ended up going to get a video camera to film it. I didn’t really want to hang around and see what the police thought about the raging inferno so I took off. Apparently when my eager friend went back he filmed the fire for a bit and then was hit on the head with a rock by one of the Lord-of-the-Flies styled kids hanging around the lot. I guess he got out okay all things considered, just a bump on the head.