by Carson Reynolds

I just fell off the planet for 24 hours. Or more specifically, I was working on the written portion of my general examination for Hiroshi Ishii. This consisted of a 24-hour take home test. The questions:

1) What are the critical considerations for successful interaction design in general?

2) How can affective information (emotions) sensed from users contribute to improve the state of the art in user interaction? How can you as an interface designer ensure that the computers can give users meaningful response based on the “emotions” that are sensed and understood by the computer? What would be the potential pitfalls? How would you measure the success and failure of whole interaction that utilizes affective information?

My response is probably not the most stunning example of the written form. But I suppose it’s a bit much to expect pure lyricism in twenty-four hours. I was shooting for no mispellings instead. And now I must wait and see how it is recived. The excitement: if it is really really bad, then I will fail my general exam and be tossed out of my Ph.D. program. If it is really really alright, then I get to go out for a round of celebratory drinks.

My apologies to those folks who’ve emailed me during last few days. I wasn’t dealing with email at all, keeping my nose to the grindstone. Now that I’ve a moment to breath again, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled habits.