Where Am I

by Carson Reynolds

Another week has slipped by, and with it, several more readings were completed:

  • Abraham, R. and Shaw, C. 1992. Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior. Third Edition: Dakota Books. Part 4: Bifurcation Behavoir
  • Ruelle, D. 1991. Chance and Chaos. Princeton University Press.
  • Meggs, P. 1992. A history of graphic design, 2nd ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.
  • Hix, D. and Hartson, H.R. 1993. Developing User Interfaces: ensuring usability through product and process. J. Wiley and sons.

Along with these, some progress has been made on:

  • Stefani, R. T., Shahian, B., Savant, C. J., Hostetter, G. 2001. Design of Feedback Control Systems, Fourth Edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (excerpts)
  • Alexander, D. S. 1994. History of complex dynamics : from Schroder to Fatou and Julia Braunschweig.

Otherwise, things are quite well. Progress on the Dublin move continues. I am most immediately concerned about ensuring I can get housing there, and sorting out how the plane ticket will be handled.

Today was lucky-seeming. I was able to connect up some difficult climbs that eluded me last time. I saw Ben Recht play a set at the Phoenix Landing, and everyone and their mother showed up. Quite a crowd and quite a set.