Rooftops and Fire Escapes

by Carson Reynolds

“Have you got any magic tricks that will work for me?”

Life is orphic at best, but in a very agreeable way. Roz and Linda had a meeting to discuss my receding stumblings. It was resolved that I’ll be allowed reschedule my generals in order to go to Ireland to “look at some different trees.” In exchange, I will have to do my written portions while I am there, and my orals when I return. Having purchased a TimeOut guide to Dublin I’m already plotting life there. I’ve found a gym that has a rock wall. In my quote unquote free moments, I’ve tried to read a bit about the city’s history.

It seems that I’ve indefinitely suspended notetaking. The theory is that notetaking is worthwhile, but a luxury. I should first read all of my 61 requirements, and then summarize in preparation for my orals. We’ll see. Reading continues. This week’s lucky participants were:

  • Abraham, R. and Shaw, C. 1992. Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior. Third Edition: Dakota Books. Part 3: Global Behavoir
  • Langley, P. Machine learning for adaptive user interfaces. In Proceedings of the 21st German Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pages 53–62, Freiburg, Germany, 1997. Springer.
  • Linton, M. A. Vlissides, J. M. and Calder, P. R. “Composing User Interfaces with InterViews,” IEEE Computer, February 1989, pp. 8-24.
  • Mullet, K. and D. Sano. 1995. Designing visual interfaces: Communications oriented techniques. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Sunsoft/Prentice Hall.

Unfinished are:

  • Meggs, P. 1992. A history of graphic design, 2nd ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.
  • Stefani, R. T., Shahian, B., Savant, C. J., Hostetter, G. 2001. Design of Feedback Control Systems, Fourth Edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (excerpts)

Both are substantial. I will probably have to resort to taking some approach to both. Meaning, I’ll have to read selectively. Unfortunately both are probably some of the most meaty and worthwhile readings.