by Carson Reynolds

After getting rained off the whitney-gillman ridge I wandered around today NH until finally arriving at Pawtuckaway. A good metaphor for the month perhaps: daunting jagged cliffs traded up for approachable softened boulders.

Why no posts? Well to be honest, I’ve fallen a bit behind in notetaking. But with some good reasons. I had a trip down to NY for Matt’s housewarming, and then a trip to Denver for a little R&R (playing innumerable games of chess with my dad, meeting my brother’s girlfriend, talking trials and tribulations with Marshall). And now that I’m back, it’s off again, for Cameron’s going away (coming home?) party and NESH.

Thankfully, books are portable. I’ve finished On Growth and Form, A Concise History of Mathematics, An Introduction to the Conjugate Gradient Method Without the Agonising Pain, Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior, Part 2, Developing User Interfaces: Ensuring Usability through Product and Process, and The GOMS Family of User Interface Analysis Techniques: Comparison and Contrast. So a lot of big hurdles scaled, but now I need to do the tricky small maneuvers of wrapping them up into a neat summarized package.

This week has been lovely and redeeming. Saturday night supper was unexpected and fun. We had so many folks, we had to sit at different tables. I exaggerate a bit, but it was a good turn out. Afterwards we saw Mary Timony play the score for a series of entrancing stop-motion films by the inventor of the form: Ladislaw Starewicz. Marie showed up at the last minute and gave my carless ass yet another ride home. I’m happily in her debt. Sunday night I had one of those good talks with Roger. The man has a talent for putting things in perspective. Before I left for Denver we ate lunch, and talked over our respective lives. And somehow realizing that there are other folks in my boat, and some in worse, is a good antidote for cynicism.

But onto the main event: Dublin. Roz mentioned that the director of our lab thinks it really ill for a student to go through our fine institution without having lived abroad for a bit. Well it got the wheels turning, and a weekend of emails later, it seems very likely that I will be living in Dublin this fall. So many details to get worked out: visa, sublet, shipping books, which city to see first. But with a little help from my island-acquainted friend I’d imagine it will go smooth as one could hope.