Mechanics Text

by Carson Reynolds

Prof. Goroff recommended I work through a classical mechanics text to help prepare for some of my readings on dynamical systems. After a hunt I settled on two alternatives:

The Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics by Sussman and Mayer


Classical Mechanics by Goldstein et al.

After reading a few favorable reviews I selected Sussman and Mayer. I figured it would have the added bonus of refreshing my knowledge of scheme-like languages, which dimitris and I may use for cesium. Another deciding factor was that The Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics is freely available online and some jerky has the other checked out from the library.

The front matter was nice. I especially liked the einstein quote. Although I am a little leary of the idea that they’ll use unusal notation, I think it will limber me up for the coming hurdles.

I installed mit-scheme on arsenal and then put on scmutils to provide lisp augmentations required by the text.