by Carson Reynolds

Cheesemouse [6.7 MB mpeg] is a program I wrote to visualize muscle tension applied to a pressure sensitive mouse. Usability specialists might be interested in how people flex their muscles in an interaction, and how that relates to frustrating or poor designs. The work builds off of Cheese:

F. Mueller, A. Lockerd, Cheese: Tracking Mouse Movement Activity on Websites,
a Tool for User Modeling, In Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2001), 2001. ACM Press.

In the long run I’d like to take the screen capture software, which is written in python, and put it out for general consumption under a free license. This summer I’ll try to find some time to clean up the code and throw it into a tarball. It would also be worthwhile to look at the source of VNC and see if the thing could be optimized a bit to only take pictures of the part of the screen that changes.