besmirching your name

by Carson Reynolds

It’s bad enough having a goddamn MTV VJ with the same name. But a Muskrat?!?! in a comic strip about dorky role-playing gaming freaks. What have I done to deserve such injustice!


Sweet-natured and easygoing, Carson is everyone’s friend and seems to fit
in everywhere — which is somewhat surprising in itself because Carson is
a muskrat. He is equally at home rolling dice in Matt’s various
roleplaying games, playing the latest console combat extravaganza, or just
surfing the web. More a follower than a leader, Carson trustingly goes
into roleplaying situations secure in the knowledge that his boon
companions will probably end up using him for a battering ram or
attracting the attention of a hungry beastie who will suddenly develop a
craving for Muskrat Surprise. As a part-time worker at the local Internet
cafe, he has made the acquaintance of…